Xinuos Developers Program

Products & Tools

  • Xinuos Products
    Xinuos is the leader in providing UNIX®-based business solutions through its award-winning line of products. Xinuos helps grow your business!

  • Reduced-Cost Development Software
    To help you with your development, we provide you with reduced-cost development product. This not-for-resale (NFR) development software includes discounts up to 70% off the regular price.

  • UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit (UDK)
  • OpenServer Development System
    Xinuos has several different C and C++ development systems products that can be used on its operating systems.
    The Guide to Software Development Kits on Xinuos Systems will help you figure out which is the right one to use for your application.

  • Java Technologies
    Xinuos supports the Java™ technologies, including a full implementation of Java 2 Standard Edition.

  • Third-Party Development Tools
    Access a collection of third-party development tools that are made for Xinuos products. Tools include 4GLs, languages, debuggers, libraries, and more.

  • Hardware Development Kit
    The hardware development kit includes documentation and development tools. HDK 7.1 provides support for UnixWare 7, Release 7.1, and OpenServer 5, Release 5.0.5a.

  • System V Application Binary Interface
    The System V Application Binary Interface (or ABI) defines a system interface for compiled application programs. The ABI defines a binary interface for application programs that are compiled for System V implementations on many different hardware architectures.

  • Download Software
    Download the latest software from Xinuos. Downloads include UNIX, and Skunkware, support downloads, and other Open Source software.

  • Product Certification
    Through Xinuos's Hardware and Software Certification Programs, our commercial testing suites help you ensure that your solutions are compatible with our platforms. Companies with certified products are eligible for co-marketing activities and access to Xinuos's channel partners.

  • Bug Reporting
    Xinuos recognizes that your feedback is a valuable source of information for continuous product improvements. To enable this communication channel, Xinuos provides a bug reporting form as a service to you without a Support Service Agreement.

  • Early Access & Product Updates
    To receive early access to Xinuos products or to receive notifications of product updates, Xinuos offers developers access to our Beta Testing Program and our Software Maintenance Program.