SCO recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with MySQL AB to jointly deliver a certified, commercial version of the popular MySQL database for SCO OpenServer 6, the newest release of SCO's UNIX solutions platform.

Launched in February, MySQL Network is a comprehensive, attractively-priced subscription offering that provides modern businesses with everything they need to successfully develop and deploy ANSI-SQL database solutions with MySQL. It includes access to certified MySQL software, updates and upgrades, proactive alerts and advisors, the online MySQL knowledgebase, and full production-level technical support.

SCO OpenServer 6

SCO® OpenServer® Release 6.0 is an impressive new operating system for low-cost, commodity hardware that features large file support and support for a broad array of modern applications. With a decade of rock-solid stability and dependability, SCO OpenServer has stood the test of time for small and large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server.

SCO + MySQL Solutions

SCO + MySQL application server solutions will bring great benefits to the customers and channel partners of both companies. The combination of SCO UNIX and MySQL creates a high-performance, low-cost, easy-to-manage applications platform that can scale out across the distributed and networked customer systems environments common to both companies. Developers and customers will benefit because SCO and MySQL will cooperate to ensure that the operating system and the database undergo extensive compatibility and certification testing to ensure a good developer and end-user experience. MySQL Network will also be available directly from SCO resellers throughout the world, offering customers a single point of contact.

SCO+MySQL Solutions Help Customers

  • Lower their costs dramatically. The total cost of the operating system, database, and support for both will be much lower than what many are paying today.
  • Get support from a single vendor. SCO will support you from the kernel up through the database stack -- in a single call.
  • Migrate legacy databases. Migrate legacy ANSI standard databases to MySQL running on SCO OpenServer 6.
  • Embed MySQL with commercial license. ISVs/VSPs can work with SCO to embed MySQL in their solutions with a commercial redistribution license.
  • Supportable. If your current database is no longer supported on its existing platform you will be able to take advantage of the powerful combination of the advances in OpenServer 6 and the popular MySQL database as supported solution
  • Proven track record. SCO offers MySQL customers a proven, reliable, enterprise-ready operating system to host their mission-critical, branch-automation applications.

SCO+MySQL Solutions Help Resellers

  • Better Support. Resellers can obtain better support services for themselves and their end-user customers.
  • Training. Resellers can get trained a widely popular, low-cost data management solution for their customers.
  • Upgrades. Resellers have the opportunity to upgrade a subset of their customers that need the benefits mentioned above.
  • Generate incremental revenue. Resellers can offer complimentary, value-added services such as a migration assessment.
  • Higher margins. Resellers can generate higher margins by offering a combined operating system, data management solution.

As part of the agreement, the companies will work together on a range of joint marketing, sales, training, business development and support programs that will benefit customers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Additionally, SCO will include a trial subscription to the MySQL Network enterprise database service with each new copy of SCO OpenServer -- and offer full MySQL Network subscriptions through its reseller channel.

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SCO+MySQL on OpenServer 6 will be available fourth quarter 2005. Are you interested in SCO+MySQL solutions for your business? Click HERE to tell us more.